Classroom with trainer standing in front of delegates

DMA is always in demand to train news teams, broadcasters and companies. Our modules range from high-level executive coaching to technical, craft, editorial and communications work. Whether you are a broadcaster trying to keep up with new production methods and technology, a freelancer looking to stay ahead of the game, or a corporate client wanting to harness the power of social media and video production, our trainers can transform your business with fresh processes and up-to-the minute technology.

Meet the team

With more than 40 years training and development experience between them our training executives Jo Weir and Andy Carmichael have worked with thousands of journalists and broadcasters across the world during their tenures at Reuters and the BBC. Jo is DMA’s Global Director of Training, overseeing all technical, production and editorial education programmes. As director of journalism training and media development at Thomson Reuters Foundation, she directed training workshops in over 100 countries, managing courses that reached some 14,000 journalists. Andrew is DMA’s Training and Development Associate. He has spent the last 15 years as head of business development at the BBC Academy, working to develop the skills of thousands of media companies and professionals around the world.

Pop-up Digital: DMA’s unique training offer

Pop-up digital is DMA’s training solution designed to unlock every aspect of media in a matter of days or weeks. Whether you’re a newspaper, a company, a government department, an NGO or a blogger, DMA provides the training and tools to create a full digital channel. That includes video, social media, a fully functioning virtual studio in no bigger space than an office, and all the elements to bring it together.

What is Pop-up Digital?

If you’re looking to cover events such as launches or announcements, we can train teams to manage the entire production in-house, or with the help of DMA’s experts. The outcome is a dynamic, broadcast-quality show or series that can be made available for internal staff and stakeholders or distributed to news organisations. We manage this with no-risk and at a fraction of the cost because the in-house team remains in control throughout.

What training can DMA provide?

Our packages can include all or one of the following:

  • Senior level training in media strategy and tactics including platforms, cost, delivery and return on investment.
  • Executive coaching in using media including modules on storytelling, performance, panel discussions and interviews.
  • Instruction in all aspects of field content capture including script writing, voice over, sound, cameras, lighting, editing, graphics and post-production.
  • Guidance in publishing and delivery, including how to manage social media platforms to achieve maximum impact, using broadcast channels to reach target audiences and seeding content in real news settings.
  • Tuition in the use of mobile platforms, including smartphones, feature phones and tablets, designing and populating custom apps as well as maximising revenue from mobile advertising and sponsorships.

What about the equipment?

We can make sure your in-house team is equipped with the latest technology through purchase or lease. The menu includes:

  • A fully-functioning, portable virtual studio, with a mixer desk, inputs for video replay, graphics, and outputs to capture material, stream live on mobile or online, or for live broadcast.
  • Camera and audio packs (from 1 to 5), capable of capturing broadcast-quality footage in the field or in the studio.
  • Mobile editing facilities.
  • Graphics, animation and captioning software.
  • Specialist apps for mobile, tablet, connected TV, with a full back-office ad sales operation to suit any requirement and maximise revenues.
  • Ongoing support: DMA’s experts are always on hand to troubleshoot and will typically remain in place while the new pop-up digital solution is ‘launched’. DMA has created and launched dozens of channels all over the world, and these are the skills at the disposal of every one of its trainers.

How much does it cost?

The cost of training up to a full digital channel, or any part of it, is surprisingly modest, and because it is based on developing skills in-house, the cost of using a PR or production company on a recurring basis is eliminated. All training is modular and can be spread over time. DMA can develop a solution to fit even the tightest budgets, or the most ambitious projects.