Video Production

Man seated at editing desk

DMA is an award-winning producer of video content for global brands, publishers and agencies. With our background in broadcast, we place storytelling at the heart of every piece of content that we produce.

Our editorial excellence allows us to create compelling videos for clients of all sizes and we have an envious track record in covering live events, product launches, conferences and trade shows. We also pride ourselves in offering innovative production and filming techniques such as 360 filming, drones, time-lapse, animation and interactive video.

360 Video

Interactive and immersive, 360 technology is a fairly recent addition to the media landscape, and it’s one that we at DMA are embracing wholeheartedly.

We use specialist camera equipment to film footage of a subject from different angles then stitch it together in edit to create an immersive environment. The viewer can then explore the footage, and choose which angle they want to view it from, much like turning your head to get a different perspective. Unlike the 3D content of old, audiences don’t need to wear an expensive head-set to watch it. You can view 360 videos on YouTube or through apps on your mobile. The format suits product demos, property exploration, ‘virtual’ event experience and internal training.


Animated graphics is one of the most engaging ways to explain a concept or a service or share a story.

Our team of in-house animators use their own unique skills to create everything from animated logos and infographics through to combining live action with hand illustrations and 3D modelling. Each animation we produce is original, innovative and highly effective at engaging your target audience and communicating your brand message.

Our Facilities

We keep all production in-house, filmed in broadcast-standard studios with green screen facilities and voice-over booths and edited with the latest Adobe software suite.