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TV News Retains Popularity in the UK

A new report on news consumption from the UK’s communications regulator OFCOM makes for interesting reading. The good news for broadcasters is that television is still the most popular platform for news for UK adults (79%). The internet follows in second place with radio and newspapers lagging behind. However, the internet is the most popular platform among 16-24 years olds...

Gold at the Worldmediafestival

The jury of the Worldmediafestival has awarded TheNewsMarket, the international platform for TV and online journalists, with a Gold Award 2018 for the development of Lufthansa's online newsroom. In its newsroom, Lufthansa provides new stories and multimedia content that can be accessed and downloaded in the highest quality by journalists and influencers worldwide.

The European Newspaper Congress

More than 500 chief editors, managing editors and media experts met in the Austrian capital Vienna at the European Newspaper Congress. But it was not just newspaper editors in attendance. Rob Beynon, CEO of DMA Media Group, parent company  of TheNewsMarket, the global online platform for journalists, admitted that he has spent all of his career in broadcast and video production.

Choosing the right video format

When you set out on the path to commission a video, you will face a number of questions from the get-go such as how much will it cost to produce and how long will it take to make. But the first big one to answer is: what format should you choose that will best engage your audience. This often comes down to a straight choice between ‘live action’ production or animation.

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